A plan is forming!

I’ve moved upmarket to a £14 a night hotel which even has hot & cold water and more importantly a drain that allows water to run away! Went and bought the Nelles Himalaya Map for 650rupee.
Just about to book a rafting trip down towards Pokara then do a 4 day trek to see the sunrise at Poon Hill. Followed by a bus trip down to Buddahs birthplace on the border at Lumbini then of to Varansi to inspect The Ganges. Somehow I need to fit in Darjeeling, which is the opposite way! Not sure after that 🙂


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2 thoughts on “A plan is forming!”

  1. Hi Jim the Indian night club next door was quite cool – I will miss the nusic tonight 🙂 Real problem was no hot water and all the water was a brown rusty colour – maybe I should have given AW a call!!!

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