5 thoughts on “We wonder what this crop is? @Pathh1”

  1. Sorry, can’t see any image in any of the three crops (this one is blank, other -2 and -3 are ‘page not found). I can see pictures in earlier posts – looks a good trip! Pat

  2. Oh dear, something went wrong with the image uploader 🙁 Image there now. It was a huge field of the stuff

  3. Many thanks Pat it was taken on this walk we did with Cambridge Rambling Club https://www.strava.com/activities/349453929 at Rockells Farm, Duddenhoe End, http://www.rockellsfarm.co.uk/ next to a field of free range chickens and a fishing lake. Gorgeous day and scenery plus excellent to see all the cereals at different stages of ripening. I was surprised that none of the fields were flattened after the recent storms. I guess the crops have all been toughened up now 🙂

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