6 thoughts on “New saddle for the bike :-)”

  1. Are you boxing the bicycle up and taking it home at the end of the journey? For not a lot of money it was a good find.

    1. Maybe if I get time and find a suitable box. Still over 800km to go and the heat & humidity is making it very hard

  2. Enjoyed reading about it all and it’s been an education as it’s not an area I’ve ever really wanted to visit but has now made me have a rethink. When you get the time have a search for the continental divide race in America. Not to take part in the race but to follow the route as it looks like your kind of place. Incidentally there are 2 races (run seperately) but one route is slightly longer than the other.

  3. It’s been done on both single speed and tandem! I’d be more worried about the bears than the hills. English girl Jen Hopkins completed the race about 5 years ago.
    It’s self supported so no outside help allowed other than posting rations to onward towns etc.

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